It’s in the blood. That’s what they say about both talent and vice, about beauty and madness.

And to some extent, this plays out in life and pursuits; they bleed with the heart and soul of generations long ago and far away. The talents, passions, callings, and careers of our ancestors sing in our veins.

And I believe that is what calls me, and what draws me to the work my hands find so natural, and my heart sees so clearly.

Born to a Danish mother and Hungarian Czech father, with some Spanish thrown in; my bloodline cries artisan/gypsy in full color with lots of fringe. As much as I live out the texture of my heritage, I am captivated by the exquisite, diverse and inventive legacy of creatives in all countries around the globe. From the beadwork of Bulgaria, to the tassels of Pakistan; the handwork of indigenous tribal people showcase the undeniable artistic genius of the family of mankind. In every tribe, from all nations, it seems like headwear, “headdresses” take the center stage. I have a passionate appreciation for and am deeply inspired by this sweeping need to create these highly adorned, often ingenious headpieces. Foreheads, it seems were created for crowns. Romantically, we long for a King, for a kingdom. To belong to a tribe, to be marked for glory and not for shame. It’s in this spirit that I too pick up where my Grandfather left off, and put my hands to create what my heart dreams up. I love making headwear, finding new design ideas tucked away in obscure corners of the world. But it isn’t just inspiration, I see their struggle. To adapt, to maintain, to hold on, to resist, to change, to remain unchanged - to survive. There are wars - within and without, famine, disease, economic/educational/and political crisis. And yet, they still make headresses. Carrying on the art and soul of their tribe.

I started Curried Myrrh from the heart of my tribe, for the soul of the others.

It’s not enough to just create, I want to connect, and to give, To put hands to work, hearts at ease, and spirit to rest.

I want to purchase/commission beadwork and embroidery, scarves and tassels and the like - to use for my headpieces. This would make the headpieces exceptional, it would provide income for a tribal craftsman, and connect our world with their world. I want to put a face with the product, and a livelihood to the life. Not only do I want to see our culture encounter and support these tribal people that are refreshed in their native craft - but I envision tribes helping out each other. One handcrafted item made, featured, and sold specifically to support the need of another.

Tribe to tribe, tribe for tribe.

Truly we are all united in our sufferings, so what a gift to be able to bear one anothers burdens and celebrate the power to overcome.

I know it takes a platform to have a global reach that will have some impact.  I am honored and delighted to have one of the most prolific American bohemian apparel and lifestyle companies, Free People (Urban Outfitters) featuring Curried Myrrh headwear since 2010. I look forward to seeing where we can take each other in the spirit of ‘living free’.

Perhaps we are closer to the kingdom than we think.